Today in the city Ordway 25.06.2018
Man Shot Dead Inside the Store During Political Argument


All stars in the universe may form in pairs — but we can't find the sun's missing 'Nemesis'

Stars like the sun often form as part of binary star systems — which means each star may have a twin. In the 1980s, physicist Richard Muller introduced the idea that our solar sys...

Beyoncé & Jay Z’s New Video Is A Major Lesson In Art History

When Beyoncé and Jay Z dropped Everything Is Love this weekend, they reminded us that they are untouchable. After all: who else can you imagine renting out the goddamn Louvre for a music video?The sta...

Here's the completely neurotic method I use to save loads of cash on video games every year

One of my fondest teenage memories is the time I wound up at a mall Circuit City in Nyack, New York, right as it was opening.  It was the day of the now-defunct electronics chain's massive video...

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